Saturday, 19 November 2011


6 - Recite 2 last ayat of Soorat Al-Baqarah (2:285-286)

"Whoever read them (i.e. the last two verses) at night they will be kafataa for him (sufficient for him regarding the night prayer, or/and also sufficient in protection from every evil, misfortune, and harm. [Bukhari: 5009]

7 - Recite ayah al-Kursee (Soorat Al-Baqarah 2: 255)

Benefit: For whoever reads it, there would remain a protection over him from Allaah and Shaytaan would not come close to him. [Bukhari: 5010]

8 - Doing takbeer and tasbeeh when going to sleep

'Ali, radiyAllahu 'anh narrates that the Messenger of Allah, sallAllahu 'alayhi wa salam said when Faatimah asked him for a servant, "Shall I not lead you to that which is better for you than a servant? If you go to your mattresses, or rest to sleep, then say Allahu Akbar thirty-four times, and say subhaan Allah thirty-three times, and say alhamdulilah thirty-three times, for they are better for you than having a servant" [Agreed upon (Bukhari & Muslim): 6318 & 6915]

9 - Supplicating when awoken from sleep

'Ubaadah bin as-Saamit, radiallahu 'anh narrates that the Prophet, sallallahu 'alayhi wa salam said: "Anyone awoken in the night and says: Laa ilaha illa Allah, wahdatu laa shareeka lah, lahul-mulku walahul hamd, wa huwa 'ala kulli shay`in qadeer, alhamdulilah was-subhaan Allah, wallahu akbar, wa laa hawla wa laa quwata illa billah , then said, Allahumma aghfirli or invoked Allah, he will be answered, and if he does ablution and prays, his prayer will be accepted" [al-Bukhaari: 1154]

10 - Supplicating once awake with the following supplication

Alhamdulilah alathee ahyaanaa ba'da maa amatana, wa ilayhin-nushoor (Praise be to Allah Who granted us life after death, and to Him we will be ressurected) [al-Bukhaari, 6312, from Huthayfah bin al-Yamaan, radiallahu 'anhu]

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